Wednesday, January 21, 2009

020|365 Quiet

Wow! Inauguration day. Congratulations President Obama.

Surprisingly I got out of DC today and headed to Memphis for a client meeting. The DC airport was so quiet that it was almost spooky. I have never seen this airport like this, but I have to confess that I loved flying through security, finding a seat and power cord at my gate with no problems. and boarding a flight with no jostling for luggage space and seat belts.

On a sad note, today would have been Kevin's 38th birthday. I still have moments that I can't believe he is gone, and I am sad that he isn't here to celebrate this moment in history. He was an avid follower of politics and was a Barack Obama fan...and honestly, he saw this day coming long before I did. I took a moment to look back through my photoset, Remembering Kevin, and thought about all the fun we had and how much he contributed to my life in the relatively short time we had as friends. I still draw in his guidance professionally and realize that I miss the banter - the ongoing text messaging all day, every day. Happy Birthday Kevin.

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