Saturday, January 17, 2009

014|365 Stuck Inside

014|365 Stuck Inside, originally uploaded by erinbyrnenyc.

Today was supposed to be a little more fun. I was in Tampa to have some meetings with Connie and Paul and to speak at an optical industry leadership event about digital media. Wednesday was scheduled to be morning meetings, a brunch with representatives of three participating organizations, and then a round of golf on Innisbrook's famed Copperhead Course to build relationships amongst participants. Unfortunately I was way too busy to play golf so I decided to stay in and work. Connie gave it her best effort to get me to reconsider but I knew I had too much to do and I would have been on my blackberry the entire time.

I was in my suite working when all of a sudden I heard a little commotion outside. When I went onto my balcony to see what was going on, I saw Connie and her group on the green. They looked they were having a fun time, and I have to say I had a great afternoon in the quiet of my room, with a view of the beautiful Copperhead course.

In other news, we had a funny moment in the morning. Connie, Paul and I were getting together in his suite for a working meeting over breakfast so Connie picked me up so we could go over together. I got into her car and we started to leave and suddenly we found ourselves on the cart path. In her car. Interestingly the greenskeepers that were working on the course didn't try to stop us. But, we figured it out, make a K turn, and were on our way. No harm done.

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