Thursday, January 22, 2009

021|365 Lunch at the Blue Plate Cafe

I gotta tell you, I like the Blue Plate Cafe better than the Blue Plate Special or the Blue Haired Ladies. Steve and I were in Memphis to meet with share digital check-up results with a client and were having a somewhat stressful morning. The hotel coffee was weak, the Internet service negligible and my attitude poor. We went through the deck (great job Sal!) and raced to Starbucks to get some decent coffee. I got on a conference call when I was there, which ran long, which made it look like lunch before the meeting was going to be a pipe dream. We decided to jump in the rental, drive over a curb and try to find somewhere to eat. As we were zipping down a highway we found the Blue Plate Cafe.

How bright. So cute. Not a chain. We decided to give it a shot. I can vouch for the navy bean soup and biscuits. After being fully caffeinated and nourished we were able to have a great meeting. Other than the Blue Plate Cafe it was pretty much business as usual, although I have to say that I really enjoyed the digital discussion with the client. I also have to confess, I could have done without Steve trying to break into my room or some of his channel selections when we were working late the night before. 'nuff said.

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