Saturday, January 3, 2009

003|365 Bubble Bath

Today was a quiet day - so quiet that I didn't leave the house. I'm battling a cold and have a big week coming up so I spent most of the day trying to beat down the cold. I think it helped.

I did manage to find time for a little pampering and took a bubble bath before dinner. Gotta love the bubble bath. Also have to remember not to turn the jets on in the tub when you are using soap bubbles. Just ask Pam about that.

I was also productive today, in keeping with my resolution to make the most of each day. I went up to the studio to sew but wasn't really into it, so instead I laid on the couch, watched Project Runway reruns and stitched the binding for these two quilts for my brother's kids. Just in the knick of time too as I leave for Tampa > Palm Springs > Philly on Monday morning and am seeing them on Saturday.

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