Friday, January 2, 2009

002|365 Jengi Rocks

One of the things I did when starting this project, and the year in general, was make a list of everything I *think* is meaningful to me that I'd anticipate photographing. Then I put it away. It will be interesting to check back next January and see what I learn.

I also made a list of the friendships that are most important for me to nourish. There are many to maintain, but I gave a lot of thought to the ones that are most meaningful and therefore the ones that I am willing to put the most effort into. I'd hope that the friends on the list naturally make it into my project. (If you have to ask if you are on the list then you probably aren't...)

So, today's picture has double meaning. The photo is of my friend Jen. She started out as an "online friend" in early 2001 as a bunch of us met online and used to swap fabric. Then she became a "quilting friend" as the group got together at a central location and did a round of fabric shopping, and then would gather for sewing days. There were about six of us in the original group back in 2001, but Jen and another friend Pam are the ones that I have kept in touch with and become true friends with over the years. I joked on NY Eve that they used to be my quilting friends but have graduated to just "regular old friends." Even our gifts to each other for Christmas reflect the shift - whereas they used to be quilty gifts, this year I got an awesome vest and scarf from Jen and she got martini glasses from me. Jen rocks and inspires me every day as she is a trusted friend that balances work and family and is just an all around great person.

The other note of significance to this photo is the location. We were out getting manicures at Jean Paul Salon after having wine and appetizers at a new restaraunt in Albany, Creo. Personally, I find the name to be misleading as they serve "American food with an Asian and Mediteranean flair" whereas I expected it to be creole and/or New Orleans influenced. Regardless, the wine hit the spot, the food was good, and the price was right. More importantly, I intend to find more time to relax and have fun this year and a manicure on January 2nd is a great way to start! Thanks for the good time Jengi!

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  1. Thank you for including me in your 365 blog!! You are such an amazing and creative person. I'm very lucky to have you as one of my best friends.


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