Sunday, December 20, 2009


Ok, so I quit on this project. I was doing well until mid-February and then got consumed with work around the Transitions Championship and blew it. I'm going to try again this year, knowing that many of the photos will be from my blackberry. That's ok. It was fun while it lasted, maybe i can make it work again. Here goes nothing.

Now, for today's picture. A few nights ago there was quite the commotion the back deck. Turns out a deer had gotten on the deck, trying to eat from the Opus One wine box filled with birdseed. The deer are hungry early this year as this guy is very close in broad daylight. May be time to break down and buy some feed.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

039|365 Welcome Click

039|365 Welcome Click, originally uploaded by erinbyrnenyc.

Woo-hoo! I woke up today and could actually breathe with my mouth closed. I'm on the mend. I may even have some wine tonight to celebrate. But in the meantime, I have to entertain Click the Bird.

Click is the traveling friend of the Flickr 366-1 Group. Essentially he comes to hang with you for a day or two and you do fun things with him and photograph it. It's almost like having an invisible friend except he isn't invisible. So, today Click helped me sew, enjoyed the view, picked out music, and played dolls with Maddie and wii games with Kira. It was a busy day for Click and tomorrow she'll go on to her next stop.

038|365 Still Sick

038|365 Still Sick, originally uploaded by erinbyrnenyc.

Woke up Saturday and my nose was still stuffy, my throat still scratchy, my glands swollen, and my overall head feeling like it might implode. I essentially spent the day on the couch in a hot flannel nightgown and spent my time working, surfing, or or pretending to have half a shot in my fantasy golf league.

037|365 Home Sick

037|365 Home Sick, originally uploaded by erinbyrnenyc.

Home sick on Friday, much to the relief of my colleagues. I'm such a wimp that even Ludens taste medicinal, but at least I resisted the urge to spike my orange juice with champagne. Or worse, vodka.

036|365 Zach Ambrose

036|365 Zach Ambrose, originally uploaded by erinbyrnenyc.

I took this picture of fellow 365er Zach Ambrose kind of as a goof. I was just joking around with him, and took it on my Blackberry. Good thing I did as it was the only picture I snapped all day. I was sicker than sick, coughing and sneezing on everyone all day (Sorry!) and I'm lucky I got this one

I had intended to include Zach in the photostream at some point, and I'll definitely get a better shot at some point. But in the meantime, thanks for the safety Zach.

035|365 Technology and Design

Well today wasn't the best day ever. I went to Washington to and spent some time with our CEO and also with my team there, and my cold is definitely getting worse. Despite this, I traveled from DC to NY to have dinner with some of my team. Rome and Chris, technology and creative directors respectively, are such great colleagues that even a cold couldn't keep me away. Not pictures is James, director of social media, because his picture was taken with me and I look like hell from the cold. Thanks for your hard work guys, and a great dinner on Wednesday. It almost made the day worth it!

034|365 Wild Kingdom

034|365 Wild Kingdom, originally uploaded by erinbyrnenyc.

Turns out I wasn't feeling much better by Tuesday, and I had a mandatory meeting with my boss on Wednesday, so I decided to work from home again. Working from home is usually an excuse to work 16 hours instead of 12 as there is no commuting time and much less socializing. The only break today was looking into the back yard and seeing the deer and turkeys looking for food.