Friday, January 16, 2009

013|365 Strangers

013|365 Strangers, originally uploaded by erinbyrnenyc.

Tuesday morning, 3am wake up call. Quick shower. Poorly made hotel room coffee. Car service to airport at 4am. Security line. No Starbucks in sight. Boarding at 5:30am, depart at 6:00am wheels up at 6:10. Tampa, here I come.

This describes many mornings for me. The story for January 13th however was a trip to Tampa to spend some time with my client there. I flew Jet Blue and got to experience the new terminal. It was cool. And modern. I had a great breakfast in a stylish restaurant (name forgotten of course) that I'd definitely look forward to having dinner at. Then I got coffee at one of their new self service stations where you can work on your laptop and order food and beverages from a touch screen monitor. And then we boarded.

The flight was largely uneventful. The man across the row was traveling with a young child. They were laying across all three seats and cuddling. And then kerplunk. The baby fell off the seats onto the floor but the man didn't wake up. I jumped up and gave him a shove right around the time the baby started crying. At that point he sat up and cuddled the baby - they were both asleep in minutes.

I took this picture of them while they were sleeping and called it Strangers. I felt like an intruder snapping it, but I thought it was such a sweet spot. Besides, I spend so much time in planes, trains and automobiles that I have to do a little people watching. I thought about asking him for his email address and sending him the picture but then I thought he might find that odd. Or creepy. Or both.

In other news, January 13 is Johnnie's birthday. I'm sure there will be some celebrating over the weekend.


  1. It's wrong, I know, but I laughed. Hopefully I wouldn't have laughed had I seen it, but I can't believe the dad didn't wake up. (Of course, if he was traveling alone with the kid, he was probably zonked out.) Sweet shot, though. Good call on the not giving them your contact info.


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