Saturday, January 10, 2009

010|365 Beautiful Morning

I love my house. Well, actually, the house is quite ordinary but it is on a beautiful piece of property with an awesome winter view. (The summer view isn't so bad either, but the leaves tend to block some of the mountains.) I took this picture sitting on the couch looking out the window with the Catskills in the distance. And then I had a pop-up visitor, Mittens the cat, who decided it was time to come in from the cold.

I laugh out loud every time I see Mittens pop up unexpectedly in the window. It is like a little kitty puppet show, and one of these days I think he'll bring a bunch of kitty-cat pals and perform for us. (It must be the exuberance of a day off and a great cup of coffee talking...)

Maddie just woke up, being the total night owl that she is, but is still looking a little sleepy. We were supposed to go visit my brother and his family in Pennsylvania today but the weather reports are predicting 7-10 inches of snow. Better to stay put, catch up on a few emails, and spend some time in the studio. Plus, Maddie has a project planned for later in that she is building a website about Club Penguin website cheats. If only I were so smart when I were 9. Or now. Either way, it is a beautiful morning and I'm happy to be home.

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