Sunday, February 1, 2009

025|365 Golf

Sunday was an early morning as we headed to Disney's Magnolia Course to play a round of golf. There were about 40 people in total, but two groups representing the Transitions "golf team." Me, Connie, Gerald and Big Al Mylnarski (our talent for the TV spot) played against Paul from Transitions, Bart Kendall from IMG, and Julie Tyson from the PGA TOUR. The idea was that you take the two best scores from each hole - the losing team at the end was to wear the Mickey ears that night. We thought we lost, but Julie checked the math and it turns out we won by one stroke. Connie generously told them they didn't need to wear the ears. Connie is clearly too nice and should have checked with her team before letting them off the hook! :)

After golf we rushed back to the conference center at Disney's Yacht Club for rehearsal with Connie, Paul, Dan and Greg before a golf meeting, before the opening reception, before another team dinner. Another busy day, but it was awesome to have some downtime in the morning, although the week was just getting started and I was afraid I'd end up regretting it...

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