Sunday, February 1, 2009

024|365 Skydiving?

Saturday was a busy day at Academy. One of the activities was filming Greg and Vanessa for the introduction to their respective North America nd Latin America marketing presentations. We filmed them skydiving on green screen and the Disney folks worked their magic to show them inside a plane, doing aerial tumbles, and the landing with their parachutes. The idea was that they were soaring to new heights to explore success. Corny? Yeah. But it worked. And to see Greg in this outfit was just hilarious. He is a pretty stoic guy, not much to say until he has a lot to say, and definitely one of the smartest people I know. Even funnier than the outfit though was the sound effects they had him record - wees and aaahhhs at 10,000 feet - which are sounds I don't think ever came from Greg's mouth before. The video turned out great, and they made quite an impression as they began their presentations.

Earlier in the day we had filmed a golf opening for Connie. The premise with her video that as Greg finished talking about North America marketing he'd call Connie to the stage, but she wouldn't show up. He then pulled out his blackberry and called her to get a message that "she was at a very important meeting and would call back Thursday." He then used a GPS device to find her location, and she was on the golf course with Mickey. We did a skit where she couldn't sink the putt with regular sunglasses but with Transitions lenses she was just perfect and made the putt. She and Mickey then took off in his special golf cart and during the presentation she and Mickey drove into the auditorium in the golf cart.

It was a fun day, but a lot of work. We ended the day with a golf team dinner at Shula's which is always fun, and always filling. We had a lot of laughs, but it was only the beginning of our Academy adventure.

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  1. Connie better get that pic framed, I'm just sayin'. C'mon, how fun to play with Mickey! I LOVE that Mickey has a golf outfit. Hahahaha.


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